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Knut Williamson

People should be inspired to pursue their passions in their sports. I hope all the content will help you a lot to learn more about the sports you enjoy.

Hey, I'm Knut Williamson. It's me behind sportssfreak.com. I've studied baseball, basketball, hockey and so on for a long time, with a great deal of passion. The most common thing that I find in all these sports is team sports. I have been playing baseball, however, since then.

Although my free time is relatively limited, I still look forward to hosting baseball games and other indoor games. My love of sports is not limited to baseball; I also enjoy basketball, pool, lacrosse, hockey, and indoor games.

What made me start this site?

The reason I started this website was to be able to nerd out and write about the things I enjoy - such as baseball, pool, hockey, and anything else that interests me. I want to share knowledge with you through this site. I edit all the content in this site to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

How I create content?

Despite being unable to play all of the games I love, I have many friends who are professional players who help me by providing me with helpful information and resources.
Therefore, the information I provide is based on real user experiences, so you can trust it. We strive to provide the information as accurately and as often as possible based on the experience of real-world users. 

Sportssfreak.com: Why should you read it?

 The people who visit this website are likely to be sports fans. Here you'll find tips and tricks about your favorite game, uses of gear, and lots of useful information.

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